RealNetworks gone social by releasing RealPlayer new version with Facebook Video capabilities  and other news features, what the Facebook Video is all about? RealPlayer collects Facebook videos posted by your friends and pages and catalogs them in one place on a new Facebook tab in your RealPlayer library.

RealPlayer with Facebook Videos

From the new Facebook tab, you can easily scroll through  the videos, selecting ones to view download  to watch later, post to your own Facebook page or make publish comments.

What’s new in RealPlayer

  • Private mode — conceal what you download and watch.
  • Facebook videos — RealPlayer shows you the videos posted by your Facebook friends, all in one place.
  • Simplified device transfer, including picture support.
  • Sync playlists between your device and your Library.
  • Import from your camera, phone, or other device to your Library.
  • View slideshows of your pictures.
  • Share your pictures on Facebook.
  • Album art for your music.
  • Numerous other product and security improvements.

RealNetworks offering the online installer for their player, we’ve provided download link for offline installer of RealPlayer with Facebook Video feature, enjoy.

Download RealPlayer 15

RealPlayer 15 offline Installer [25.7 MB]