Mozilla added Do Not Track HTTP header feature to Firefox 4, DNT gives control over the behavioral tracking, users who don’t want to get tracked can select and enable the option from Privacy Tab in Firefox options. After enabling this option a signal will be sent to websites that you want to opt-out of behavioral tracking.

DNT getting more  and more familiar to users and its standardization with W3c is underway and Mozilla says in their blog post that DNT is an individual choice we don’t want to enable/force the user to use it.

Currently Firefox users can accept/reject/stay undecided on tracking, Mozilla thinks it’s not good to act on behalf of users and force them to use it by enabling as default where Mozilla feels it’s more of individual choice where user also gets tracked apart from Firefox.

“Frankly, it becomes meaningless if we enable it by default for all our users. Do Not Track is intended to express an individual’s choice, or preference, to not be tracked. It’s important that the signal represents a choice made by the person behind the keyboard and not the software maker, because ultimately it’s not Firefox being tracked, it’s the user. “

“Do Not Track is not Mozilla’s position on tracking, it’s the individual’s — and that’s what makes it great! For that reason we have no plans to turn on Do Not Track by default.”