Software giant Microsoft yet to release patch to fix Duqu, son of Stuxnet, we’ve covered that Security vendor BitDefender released Removal tool for Duqu this tool detects and removes Duqu malware from your Computer,Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security in Hungary released freeware Duqu Detector toolkit which detects infections of Duqu on a single  Computer or on whole network.

Duqu Detector

This toolkit finds the traces of malware even if its components are already removed. “The intention behind the tools is to find different types of anomalies  (e.g., suspicious files) and known indicators of the presence of Duqu on the analyzed computer. As other anomaly detection tools, it is possible that it generates false positives. Therefore, professional personnel is needed to elaborate the resulting log files of the tool and decide about further steps.”

Using Duqu Detector Toolkit

This toolkit contains  four executable components which can be run directly from the command-line , Crysys also made available  “FindDuquRunme” batch file which runs all 4 components at once, instead of running executable manually 4 times.

Download Duqu Detector Toolkit and it’s Manual.