CloudShot is a freeware app lets you take screenshot of custom region or of window on desktop and automatically saves it to your Dropbox account. After installing this app, by default you can use PrintScreen to capture screenshots but if you’re using other screen capturing programs such as SnagIt then program asks you to change the hotkey, which you can do from its settings.

CloudShot Settings

You also needs to specify correct path for Dropbox folder in your Computer where captured screenshots are to be saved. This app supports for two types of output image formats JPEG and PNG. Once the app is installed, you can access its settings from the tray icon.

If you’re connected to internet and Dropbox app installed for Windows, once the screen capture is completed it will be saved in local Dropbox folder in your Computer which will be synced to your account on Dropbox and that captured image automatically will be opened in default browser.

CloudShot by default copies captured image and its path to clipboard which you can change from settings. This app set to start automatically with Windows.

CloudShot works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

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