CCleaner 3.13 has been released by piriform with the addition of Internet Explorer Add-on Manager, better browsing support for current Firefox including Firefox 9. We yet to know what IE Add-on Manager addition is all about as we can’t found related option/entries in CCleaner or does it cleans IE add-ons cache or something, we  let you know once we know about it, other than that no UI changes.

CCleaner 3.13 user interface

What’s new in CCleaner 3.13

  • Added IE add-on manager.
  • Added Firefox Jumplist Cache cleaning.
  • Improved Firefox and Thunderbird cache cleaning.
  • Improved Google Chrome Internet History cleaning for typed URLs.
  • Improved Google Chrome Canary Saved Form Information cleaning.
  • Improved Google Chrome Canary Saved Passwords cleaning.
  • Improved Recycle Bin cleaning with symbolic links.
  • Improved item exclusion feedback in Registry screen.
  • Improved keyboard usability on Intelligent Cookie scan dialog.
  • Added support for custom Thunderbird installation.
  • e.g. CustomLocation1=THUNDERBIRD|C:\Portable\Thunderbird\Data\profile
    Added cleaning for Corel PaintShop Pro X4, Nero Video 11 and Nero Vision 10.
    Improved cleaning for WinRAR, LogMeIn, Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.
  • Added Indonesian translation.