After typing some text in a document you found that you typed too much text without noticing Caps Lock was on, you’re not alone sometimes this happens to everyone but make sure this doesn’t happen again for you, specially notebook users will have these type of problems as some keyboards and laptops have no activity indicators to know the user when any one of CAPs or NUM or Scroll Lock is turned on, CaPNotifier is a freeware app that notifies you when either of Caps or Num lock is switched on/off.


How CaPNotifier works

Whenever NUM lock/CAPs/Scroll lock key is pressed on, notification pops up in the system tray alerting you that key is switched on/off may enough for you to notice it, alarming is better option IMO as visual pop ups doesn’t help when you’re concentrating typing something seriously.

CaPNotifier offers the options to alert when either of Shift or Control or Alt key is pressed on. You can click on “Show current State of Caps Lock and Num Lock “ button on program to know status of both keys.

CaPNotifier works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download CaPNotifier