Nobody wants to see pop-ups while they surf the web, they’re really annoying and interrupts browsing, built-in popup blocker offered by Google Chrome can miss some pop-ups like Alert, Prompt, and confirm boxes opened by JavaScript & other annoyances. Better Pop Up Blocker for Chrome improves the Pop Up Blocker of Chrome by catching and blocking JavaScript pop ups that Chrome misses.

Better Pop Up Blocker for Chrome


Update: The extension is no longer available in the Chrome Web Store.

You can check whether Chrome’s default pop up blocker can block JavaScript pop ups by visiting this page and clicking on green text or white space on the image at the center of the page which isn’t linked to anywhere. Chrome Pop Up Blocker fails and lots of pop ups opens (it does take time for pop ups to open), this extension effectively blocks these pop ups.

After installing the extension, extension’s blue brick icon appears on the address bar. When it’s in blue color meaning is that pop ups are blocked on the current page, whereas blue brick with green square indicates that the site is allowed to pop ups, which you can change to allows pop ups temporarily or block permanently by clicking on it.