ActiveX Compatibility Manager is freeware portable app lets you disable/enable ActiveX Components on Internet Explorer browser, this does by setting “Kill bit” CLSID  under registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX

ActiveX Compatibility Manager

Using ActiveX Compatibility Manager

Download the program zip file, extract its content to a folder and run acm executable. The program lists all the ActiveX components of IE with information like CLSID, Status, File description, Company, Product Name, File version, Prog ID and more. for every component.

You can select and right-click on desired component and select Enable selected items/Disable selected items. If the listed ActiveX component is not on the list you can manually add by selecting “Add new items” from the File menu or you can add load new items from file in your Computer via explorer from the File menu also.

ActiveX Compatibility Manager works on all Windows.

Download ActiveX compatibility Manager