Windows Seizer is a freeware portable app that displays list of all open windows in your PC, the displayed information includes window caption, Memory Usage, Handle, Class, Parent, visibility, PID, filename, status, path and more.

Window Seizer

Using Window Seizer

This program offers the options to show hidden active windows and windows items without/blank captions through  “Show hidden” and “Show Blank captions” options from the program user interface. 

You can right-click on any window item and perform close, kill, refresh, restore, minimize, Maximize, hide, Reveal and Move  tasks on that window. Similarly, you can double-click on any item to bring that window to the front and close all windows.

Click Show desktop button on program window to view desktop without the need to manually minimizing all windows. Windows Seizer offers additional tool CPU Meter to check CPU usage you can open that from Tools menu. You can exit the app by clicking Exit or F10 button.

Window Seizer works on all windows.

Download Window Seizer