We’ve already covered enough tools for Windows 8 that disables Metro UI and gets Windows 7 style menu back, however users does have a problem of running tools that require .Net Framework runtimes which needs to enable .Net Framework 3.5.1 on WDP, if you still experiencing that problem you can use Win Eight Metro UI Switcher freeware app which lets you disable or enable metro UI and doesn’t needs .Net Run times for that to run.

Win Eight  Metro UI Switcher

Using Win Eight Metro UI Switcher

Download and install the program to your Computer (portable version also available). If you’ve not used other tools to enable Win7 Start menu, app shows “Enable Metro UI option selected by default, select Disable Metro UI and click “Apply” and “Quit” to view the changes by clicking Win button on the keyboard.

Developer says to to log off or restart Windows 8 to see the changes which even doesn’t required with this app as we observed, similarly you can enable Metro UI again.

But you should know disabling Metro UI

  • disables metro UI and enables Windows 7 style menu
  • Disables advanced task manager and enables  Old Task Manager.
  • Ribbon Explorer will be disabled.

Download Win Eight Metro UI Switcher