If you’re viewing DFDWiZ.exe process running in the Task Manager under Processes list, then there is a bad news for you, this is neither a virus nor related to Trojan, it’s a system process related to Microsoft located in System files scheduled to run every time when Windows starts and alerts you about failing hard drive to backup your files with a  warning “Windows Detected a hard disk problem “, check the screenshot below.

Check Your Hard Drive Health Status in Windows 8 with CrystalDiskInfo


DFDWiz.exe aka Windows Diagnostic User Resolver Wizard runs when a problem with your hard drive is detected. This error is a hint that your hard drive is going to fail sooner or later, you need to backup important files first to avoid the data loss.

Windows detected a hard disk problem

You can click on to“Start the backup process” which offers to print/save instructions to a USB drive. If you skip instructions which is not recommended you’ve the options to backup your files using “Windows Backup and Recovery” or you can run your own backup program.

Bakup your files

You can confirm the failing hard drive status with HDDlife, Acronis Drive Monitor or  CrystalDiskInfo. After the data backup, replace faulty hard drive with a new one.

Have you encountered this error before ? What you’d done then? Let me know in the comments.