If some of your websites don’t run in Chrome you need to use another browser by leaving your favorite Chrome browser to visit those sites, another way is to change the user agent string for Chrome manually both are tedious, The User-Agent Switcher for Chrome is a Chrome extension which allows  Chrome to access website content blocked by that website.

The User Agent Switcher for Chrome

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome extension

You should be using Chrome 14 or higher to install this extension and need to enable “Experimental Extension APIs” flag in about:flags and restart the browser after that. After installing the extension its button appears on Chrome toolbar.

Chrome User Agent Spoofer

Click on that button where drop-down menu appears with list of browsers like Firefox 3.5/4 (no Firefox 6/7), Safari, IE 6/7/8/9. If you’re a developer to test websites on devices like Android, iPod, iPhone, you don’t need to have iPhone/iPad device all you need to do is select any of them from list to disguise as on that device and access that website.

User-agent Switcher for Chrome features

  • Change the user-agent and vendor strings on the fly right from the user-agent switcher’s button in Chrome’s UI.
  • Set a list of sites for the user-agent switcher to automatically switch user-agent strings.
  • Let the user-agent switcher automatically change the user-agent for sites with known user-agent string problems

The extension modifies the user-agent and vendor strings so any subsequent JavaScript on the site will only see the modified strings. The new experimental version of extension modifies the HTTP headers sent to the site.

Visit http://www.whatsmyuseragent.com/ and switch between user agents, do hit reload button to see the browser you’re on.

This add-on doesn’t auto-update it self which is a downside and recent Firefox versions not supported .

Download The User-Agent Switcher for Chrome