We’ve recently covered Hardware Freak system information tool, but it is easy to say System Inventory Tool freeware portable tool gathers system information and displays exhaustive information on hardware and software on your PC. Another feature offered by this tool, when run for the next time time shows the recent changes recorded from last inventory which is useful to know.

System Inventory Tool Report

Using System Inventory Tool

Download and run the tool, the tool starts gathering system information it does take lot of time for this where you can concentrate on other work in Windows, after analyzing your PC displays information in browser .

System Inventory Tool

This information includes, summary of system info, hardware and software inventory. Summary offers : Computer name, installed RAM memory, CPU processor cores, OS system name and its service pack, uptime, hard drive partitions and it sizes details.

Hardware section displays, hardware components such as RAM, BIOS name version manufactures, printers  connected to computer hardware as well software ones that of PDF Writer and Image Editor’s.

Software section covers installed programs, running processes, startup programs, services running, Miscellaneous section offers recent changes since the first run of this tool.

System Inventory Tool works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download System Inventory Tool