We’ve covered several multiple app installers till now like smart installer pack, Ninite & Allmyapps, Zeuapp and others, these apps let you download and install the latest versions of several apps with a single click, useful when you format the hard drive and reinstall your operating system .Speed Install is a similar kind of freeware app installs latest versions of apps in your Computer with over hundred apps to choose from their constantly updated software database.

Speed Install

Using Speed Install

Download and install the program in your Computer. Speed Install lets you install apps from various categories to choose from: Work, Home, Internet, Security, Multimedia and Freeware.

By default, all apps in categories come pre-selected, you need to click Blue box icons for the programs to uncheck them or just click “Unselect all” button from program UI and then select your apps and click install button.

auto download and install of multiple apps

Speed Install with intuitive user interface, not only lets you install selected apps, but also save offline versions of all/selected apps in lists to your Computer and you can create custom installation lists using this program. This software’s site database gets updated daily. All programs will be downloaded from apps official sites.

Download Speed Install