The advantage of running an application as a service is you don’t need to start it i.e the application will starts running automatically once the Windows is loaded. If you want to run any application as a windows service, you can use freeware portable ServiceRunner.


Using ServiceRunner

Download the program zip file and extract its contents to a folder and open config text file in it and type as below on the first three lines (check the example)

  • 1st line: Service Name used to register the service on your Computer
  • 2nd line:  the full path or full name of the executable file
  • 3rd line (optional):  the arguments to be passed to the executable specified in the 2nd line.

For example I want to run Firefox as a Service, look below how I entered the app details



C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe

Now save the changes and close the file.

Running app as service

Start the “ServiceInstaller” with admin privileges and click on Install button and ServiceRunner will be installed as a service. Now click on “Start” button to run your app as a Windows service.

If the service is set to automatic, it will be started automatically on booting Windows before reaching the login screen. You can either stop or start the service from the Services in Windows also [use Win+R  and Services.msc].

To uninstall your service first stop the service, then click “Uninstall” button on ServiceInstaller.

Note: You don’t need to run ServiceRunner app.

ServiceRunner works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download ServiceRunner