With the uninstall of programs from add or remove programs applet in Control Panel, a lot of empty folders/directories does remain on your hard drive which are unnecessary, but finding all these in your Computer is tedious task you need to rely third-party software tools for this.

We’ve covered Empty Folder Remover, Fast Empty Folder Finder and Start Menu Cleaner which serves this purpose. Remove Empty Folders is a freeware portable app scans for empty folders in user selected directory and displays them, which you can easily delete with a single click.

Remove Empty Folders

Using Remove Empty Folders

Download and run the program, this app doesn’t have a pretty UI, but it does the job what it advertised for. Select the directory and click “Execute” button as it scans for the empty folders and displays them one by one in lines, you can select & remove unnecessary lines, later click on “PC “ icon at the bottom program window to let the program to delete all empty directories.

remove all empty folders in an directory

You can let the app to auto delete empty folders on discovery for selected directory by unchecking for “Test only”.

Download Remove Empty Folders