To troubleshoot issues in Windows, IE and other programs we can use regsvr32.exe (aka Microsoft Register Server) command line tool to register and unregister OLE Controls (DLL) and ActiveX Controls (OCX) files, using this tool from command prompt is not convenient and easy for users when troubleshooting instead they can rely on freeware portable regsvr32tool which offers GUI for regsvr32 tool to register OLX and DLL files.

regsvr32tool user interface

Regsvr32tool is GUI for Regsvr32.exe to register DLL and OCX Files

Whenever you use Windows built-in regsvr32.exe tool, it calls for DLLSelfRegister function and if the attempt is successful Regsvr 32.exe displays success dialog box, if not error message will be displayed.

Using Regsvr32tool

Download and extract program zip file to a folder and run regsvr32tool executable. Browse for the folder and select it, select DLL or OCX files shown to register, you can select all or desired ones and click “Register” button, once they registered you’ll get a success message if not you’ll get error message.

registering dll files with regsvr32tool

This tool is most useful in re-registering system DLL files modified by viruses or malware and for other troubleshooting purposes.

Regsvr32tool works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Regsvr32tool