We’ve recently covered Logix Clipboard URL monitor which monitors and logs all URLs copied to the clipboard where Multi Clipboard Recorder is freeware Windows clipboard manager records clipboard data from programs in windows and make that data available for you for later use, as you know Clipboard allows to copy particular text for once next time it will be overwritten with new data.

Multi Clipboard Recorder

Using Multi Clipboard Recorder

Download and install the program to your Computer an run it. You keep working and the program records the clipboard data for URLs and text which you can restore or paste again by clicking on the history entries.

Multi Clipboard key features

  • Records clipboard data and restores it.
  • Support all programs.
  • Supports all data formats.
  • Displays the contents of the clipboard
  • Duplication of data input fast.

Multi Clipboard Recorder works on all Windows.

Download Multi Clipboard Recorder