It’s always difficult for parents to track their kids activities online, concerns for parents now a days are: are their kids visiting porn sites? or spending too much time on social networking sites?,  internet is mixed bag of good and bad things your kids can easily pickup bad things, parents can rely on parental control software available on the internet( some are paid one, some available for free), Qustodio announced and launched freeware beta version of their parental control software which helps you protect your kids online.


Here is what new startup had to say about their parental control software”Qustodio ( is a new innovative app that helps parents protect kids online. Qustodio helps parents understand and manage how their kids use the internet, and protects them against dangerous content, cyber bullying and predators.”

Qustodio offers monitoring dashboard for parents which is easy to use from any device, monitors activities of your kids in social networks like in twitter and Facebook, Classifies websites dynamically and can pic out bad content on sites immediately.

This app helps parents to understand – how their kids uses the internet,  protects their privacy and reputation online, blocks dangerous online content, manage their kids internet time.

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