We’re all familiar with this, if a program stops responding for some time, we do open Task Manager, select that application and click “End Task” button there ends the matter isn’t it? may be not, sometimes we need to reboot our systems to start Windows fresh again. Task ForceQuit Pro is freeware  program lets you close frozen or not-responding apps without need to reboot your PC.

Task ForceQuit Pro

Using Task ForceQuit Pro 

Download  and install the program to your Computer and run it, the program displays currently running applications in its window. If you found any active app stopped responding/hangs, click Force Quit button on the program window to close the app.

Restart app

You can even restart that app from its system tray icon. Program’s tray icon shows currently running apps and offers options to quit and restart for the running app. Task ForceQuit Pro allows options to restart Explorer, System and Shutdown your PC from its interface.

Task ForceQuit Pro works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Task ForceQuit Pro