Its always recommended to defragment your hard drive for better performance, O&O released O&O SpeedCheck freeware benchmarking software which after running benchmarking tests on your hard drive shows possible gain in performance could’ve been achieved in percentage with your defragmented hard drive. The test will be read only, no data will be written to the drive.

O&O SpeedCheck

O&O SpeedCheck simulates system in fragmented and defragmented state. Two tests will be carried out by reading fragmented and defragmented files from partition C one after another, no real files will be used for reading.

For the first time, the app reads number of fragmented files with increasing file size, second times these files will be read again by as they were in one whole piece. Both tests carried out for 5 times for accuracy. Two test times will be compared  and performance gain will be shown with defragmentation at the end of the test.

O&O SpeedCheck benchmark score

Time taken to read fragmented files and defragmented files will be shown at the end. Of course it’s obvious that defragmented files will be read in less time when compared to fragmented ones. It is recommended to run the test by closing all other applications if any running.

O&O SpeedCheck works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download O&O SpeedCheck