Windows does offer slideshow for images in a folder/directory in full screen but we need to manually click on Slideshow button on Explorer command bar for that, if you imported lot of pictures from your Camera into different folders in Windows, it’s a tedious task where user intervention is required to start the slideshow MycView is freeware portable tool shows slideshow of pictures automatically for a selected directory.


Using MyCView

On the first run, by default the program shows the slideshow of pictures in My Pictures folder in Windowed mode, you can use “Ctrl +d” shortcut to select a directory containing pictures and start/pause the slideshow  with ‘S’ hotkey. Press F11/F to switch to full screen.

Use PgUp, PgDown buttons to switch between previous and next images.

MycView features

  • Reading image format JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, DIB, PNM, EMF, WMF.
  • Reading lists LST files, SLD (XnView).
  • Automatic closing at the end of the slideshow with the parameter "/c".
  • Display in a window or full screen with the key "f".
  • Opening a new file with the keystrokes "Ctrl-O".
  • Opening a new directory with the keystrokes "Ctrl-D".
  • Number of loops defined with the parameter "/l".
  • Number of seconds per image defined with the parameter "/s".
  • Change the background color with the option "/b".

MycView works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download MycView