Windows Clipboard allows text to copy for single time, next time when you copy something old one will be overwritten same the case with the Browsers also, MultiCopy Firefox add-on allows to copy multiple texts and lets you paste them sequentially.

FIrefox MultiCopy

Using MultiCopy for Firefox

Download and install this Firefox add-on, restart your Browser. From now onwards, you can copy text on pages which will be saved in  internal clipboard and you can sequentially paste that  text i.e in order in which they are copied.

But to copy the data from text fields in one web page  to other, you need to use “Ctrl + C” command you can’t simply right-click and select copy. Space should be used while pasting between texts as it represents new line.

You can clear multi copied text by selecting  “clear MultiCopy contents” from the right-click menu. You can disable MultiCopy from the context menu also.