Ticno Multibar is freeware multi  functional desktop bar lets you quickly access most often used apps and recently used files and folders and allows to instantly search for files, shows your city weather forecast, allows to search though internet,Wikipedia and on YouTube.


Using Multibar

After installing the multibar, it starts indexing commonly used files and folders for instant search, index database will be stored in your PC in your user’s  folder. To start accessing multibar, you can either click on top-centered  triangle on your screen to left of desktop or win key button on the keyboard.

You can add recently used icons or app icons with drag and drop onto the triangle icon to open and add to the  Multibar. Right-clicking on app icon on multibar offer options to close the program, kill the process and more.

close program and kill process of an app from multibar

Hover the mouse cursor over a second on any app icon to view list of all recent and currently  opened files. You can favorite any one of recent files by clicking on star button which appears on top for easier access to the next time.

Using Multibar offers instant search for files on Computer, internet  on Wikipedia and on YouTube. Multibar shows weather for your city.

Multibar works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Multibar