Lets say you use Chrome or Firefox browser most of the time in a day, if you want to track how much system resources it is consuming without opening the Task Manager in Windows you could use Average CPU Cycles, this freeware portable Process Monitor displays the current and average CPU usage for any process chosen by you.

Average CPU Cycles

Using Average CPU Cycles

Download and program executable, type the name of the process or hit the Process button from program interface and select the process to be monitored shown from list of running process and click Ok. Now Average CPU Cycles covered that process.

Select process from Average CPU Cycles

The program allows to display average CPU usage of  program from its “Process Start” i.e  or “from now” onwards. This app shows Average CPU,  MHZ used  now by the process on its interface and Total CPU Cycles, Average MHZ used and current load on the CPU also be shown on program window. Number of CPU cores running and CPU speed shown at the bottom of the app.

If more than one process exists with same name, they will be shown and summed. You can monitor multiple processes CPU usage with this program, however you need to be running the program with admin privileges for this.

Average CPU Cycles works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Average CPU cycles