Some impossible things to do in Windows 8 are: closing Metro apps, Changing Star Screen background image and color (wait! we‘ve covered an app for that), if you want to change background color of start screen and login screen and other metro elements colors you can use freeware portable app Metro UI Colors Changer.

Metro UI Colors Changer

Using Metro UI Colors Changer

Download the program zip file and extract its contents to folder and run Metro UI colors Changer executable. From the program interface, click on the colors to change and select desired color from colors dialog, after changing the colors, click change All button.

You can restore default colors to metro elements by clicking “Restore all” button.

Metro UI Colors changes lets you change colors of following metro elements

  • Start Screen & login screen
  • Start Screen Tiles
  • Start Screen Tiles font
  • Charms sidebar
  • Charms sidebar Item hover
  • Network Charm Item  hover
  • Charms sidebar Item selected

Download Metro UI Colors Changer