We’ve covered skin packs to transform Windows 7 to Windows 8, Ubuntu , Android and iOS, now its turn for Microsoft Windows Phone 7, yep you guessed right! Hamed danger released Mango Skin Pack which turns Windows 7 into Windows Phone 7 Mango look.

Windows 7 transformed to Windows Phone 7

Using Mango Skin Pack

Though this skin pack brings look and feel of Microsoft’s latest Mobile Operating System, we do recommend users to backup files and create  a restore point which is a must IUO, since they patch system files makes it much more harder to install.

Close All running programs, disable UAC and try to install the program from then onwards. Please select custom installation option during install wizard and uncheck for all crap stuff under it. Once installation is completed, restart your Computer.

Mango Skin Pack

If you’re a Windows Phone 7  user you’ll feel the presence at home after changing Windows 7 to Mango, if you don’t know much about Mango then you may feel completely new, you need to get used to it.

We’re not fan of these theme packs but for our readers for the first time, we tested this by installing it onto Windows 7 Computer, everything went perfectly. We do recommend users to uninstall these skin packs with Revo Uninstaller by selecting advanced mode.

Download Mango Skin Pack (32-bit)

Download Mango Skin Pack (64-bit)