There are many freeware apps like GBoost, Game Fire, Game Booster and etc. available improves PC performance shutting down unnecessary services and processes, users mainly use these apps to get more CPU power to play games, JetBoost is freeware app in Beta allows to choose from work, game and custom modes and configures/automatically closes certain processes and services according to the mode user selects.


Using JetBoost

JetBoost with greyed interface shows number of processes, Windows & non-Windows services running minimized which you can expand each for more details. This app offers work, game and  custom modes, on selection of work/game mode and clicking Start to boost button app automatically closes unnecessary services & processes temporarily. You can choose the processes and services to close in custom mode.

After switching to particular mode, JetBoost shows brief report with number of processes and services stopped and performance increased, click on Restore button to let the app to re-run those services and processes automatically as before.

performance increased in JetBoost work mode

Other notable features offered by this app apart from above are

  • Optimizes memory usage to increase available physical memory
  • Shuts down explorer.exe to release more system resources in gaming
  • Deletes data saved to the clipboard to free memory.

JetBoost works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download JetBoost