Gmail, mostly known email service from Google to users for its easy-to-use interface, spam filters, free storage and other features there are many Gmail desktop clients available for Windows which lets you access Gmail account from Windows without need of browser, GFuwi (Gmail software for Windows)  freeware integrates your Gmail email address with Windows.

GFuwi email editor

Using GFuwi

On first run, GFuwi configuration asks you to set GFuwi as default email client. Click Yes to Proceed and start setting up your Google account information. Click “Add Account”, type your username, password, Display name after filling this info, click on Save button.

GFuwi setting up Gmail account

GFuwi offers basic and pro versions, where basic version allows to add only one account, to add more Google accounts you need to purchase the pro version. GFuwi offers two email editors Local Editor and Web Editor.

To send email attachments use Local Editor where Web Editor uses the Google Email Website to edit emails and you can’t send attachments automatically with this editor. 

GFuwi local and web editors

Send emails from windows programs with your Gmail account using GFuwi

Windows Programs such as MS Office, Explorer and other apps capable of sending emails, you can GFuwi to send emails from Windows with your Gmail account. For example to send couple of images via Gmail , select images in Explorer>click Email button on Explorer command bar GFuwi local editor opens with attached images, type the message and send the email with attachments.

You can either use local editor or web editor, local editor automatically loads when sending emails from windows applications. Similar to Gmail GFuwi offers automatic suggestions when typing email addresses.

Download GFuwi Basic version