You may know about Flip 3D which lets you quickly preview all opened windows in Windows 7 without need to click on the Taskbar, you can activate this feature with Ctrl+Win+ tab keyboard shortcut and switch between windows easily, but your PC must support Aero and you should be using Aero theme for Filp 3D to work, FlipCorner is a freeware portable app which lets you perform Flip 3D by placing your mouse cursor over one of corners of the screen for a while.


Enable Full Aero Glass and Personalization Features in Windows 7 Home Basic & Starter Editions

After running the app, you can configure it from then system tray where, you can select the corners to activate Flip, the size of the activation area and activation delay for which you’ve to keep the cursor on the screen.

FlipCorner works on Windows Vista/7.

Download FlipCorner