Mozilla thinking they are forcing users to update their Firefox for every six weeks and they are planning to offer silent updates for future versions of Firefox (targeted for Firefox 10 version which may release in first quarter of 2012) through a Windows service called Mozilla Application Updater which avoids UAC headache, Mozilla says their service is completely optional user can stop or disable the service or even uninstall this one while updates continues to work as usual of now.

Mozilla Application Updater

Mozilla not wants to follow Chrome update method

Google update service for Chrome periodically checks for Chrome  updates and downloads and installs them whenever they’re available, but these updates will be installed into user’s application data folder which doesn’t require admin permission, where for Firefox to write updates to the Program Files requires admin permission or UAC dialog comes in the way.

Instead of Chrome’s approach which Mozilla considers a headache for admins to manage and install updates for every user,  they’re experimenting with Mozilla Application Updater Windows service.

One Firefox Service for multiple Firefox channels

No matter you’ve installed multiple Channels of Firefox like Firefox Nightly, Aurora, Beta and release channels, there will be only one Firefox service will exist and runs in Windows services ( type services.msc from Windows + R command box to open services window).

You can configure silent updates from Firefox menu>options>options>Advanced>update tab.