We’ve already covered about PDF.js which is native HTML5 PDF renderer for Firefox currently under development and not part of Mozilla this project is driven by user community. But Mozilla plans to release an PDf.js extension first and then later may integrate HTML5 PDF Renderer into Firefox. Now we’ve PDF.Js extension for Firefox available to test and view what future built-in Firefox PDF Reader/Viewer has to offer.

Chrome PDF Viewer vs. PDF.js

Users needs to rely on external PDF Readers installed on their Computers like from Adobe to open downloaded PDF files which runs outside the browser’s web sandbox, PDF Viewer in Chrome which renders PDF files outside the web sandbox, but PDF.js renders PDFs inside the web sandbox.

Chrome PDF Viewer

Test PDF.js online

You can try the demo online here without the need to install the extension offers an interactive interface for displaying and browsing  PDF files using the PDF.js API.

PDf.js extension powers PDF files rendering in Firefox

PDF.js extension

PDF.js extension is restart less one, after installing it PDF files will be opened inline in Firefox. Since PDF.js still under development and unfinished, HTML5 PDF renderer taking lot more time to load pages and images .

PDF.js lets you Zoom in/out the pages, navigate to pages with next and previous buttons on top, allows to print and download the PDF document. You can browse for the PDF file in your Computer via explorer and Firefox loads it.

Support for hyperlinks, filling PDF forms, searching for text, bookmarks, text selection is work in progress.