For developers for cross browser testing or for users to open links or pages from Firefox in other browsers is a tedious task, we’ve covered Open With Extension for this purpose in the past,  Browser View is another similar type of Firefox add-on lets you open and view pages, links, bookmarks from Firefox in other browsers like IE, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Browser View

My own case: need of cross Browser Extension

The one feature liked by many users in Chrome instead of speed is built-in translation of pages powered by Google Translate service, whenever you reach page in Firefox which is in non-English language you need visit and use Google Translation service to translate the page. By using cross browser testing extensions like Browser View you can avoid that.

Using Browser View

Download and install Browser View extension for Firefox browser. “Browser View” automatically detects browsers other than Firefox installed in your Computer and offers them on Firefox context menu through Open With Menu. If you want to open a link or page in other browser, right-click on the link and click “Open Link with particular browser” or right-click and choose the browser from Open with menu.