In August Mozilla shared their ideas of improving Firefox user experience by releasing some screenshots, time has come Mozilla made available Firefox 10 UX special nightly build for users to test these UI changes, you can install this UX build along with other Nightly build and Aurora, Beta/ stable channels in your Computer.

Firefox 10 UX

What are UI changes in Firefox 10 UX 

This UX build will be installed into UX folder under Program Files directory in your Computer, to tell you’re using this build, UX text appears over Firefox menu button.

New Download Manager:Instead of opening separate Downloads window when you initiate a file download and click Save button, download icon appears over right- hand side on top of the screen to see the downloaded files, you can minimize the downloads window still file download progress will be shown (check the screenshot below).  Clicking on “Show Downloads History” opens separate library window with file you downloaded and their download locations and other details.

Firefox 10 New Download Manager

Though Mozilla planning to replace New tab with  bookmarks and recently visited websites , but for this build they’re offering new blank tab page. Mozilla do mentioned in their mockups page that those mockups are out-of-date, they’re experimenting with various new designs you can taste these changes every night as new builds will be uploaded by Mozilla to their servers.

Firefox Settings button

What we learned from Mozilla mockups is there will be settings button similar to wrench button in Chrome to access all options , here Mozilla trying to remove Firefox menu and allows you to access those options like s new tab, new window, tab groups, bookmarks, print and installed add-ons via settings button.

We can’t confirm the following changes in this build

  • Forward and Home buttons removed
  • There is navigation bar i.e address bar and search bar for a pinned tab
  • Improved search bar

You can download Firefox 10 UX nightly build from here, it is recommended to install this on testing system.