Thanks to broadband connections and Social networks like Twitter and Facebook making us spend most of the time on Computers surfing online, do you ever wanted to know how much time you’re spending in front of your Computer/your PC is on for the last 15 or 3 weeks, PC On/Off time is useful freeware portable tool displays the time usage when Computer is on for the last 3 weeks without scanning your PC but fetches information from Windows built-in Event viewer and generates this graphical report.

PC On Off Time

Using PC On/Off Time

Download and extract the program zip file to your Computer and run PCOnOffTime executable. The program displays times your Computer was on or off garphically in a simple view which novice user can understand.

Program window’s last column displays PC On time for each day,total time for three weeks and Daily Average time. A red bar in graph indicates that Computer shutdown unexpectedly following a reboot, where a grey-fade out indicates that Computer switched into Standby mode by that time.

Windows does records log on, log off/standby times and you can view these system events information in Event Viewer. Event Viewer displays Windows boot and shutdown system events (events number 6009 and 6006) where PC On/Off time showing this info as a chart that’s the difference.

PC On/Off Time works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download PC On/Off Time