Do you want to find big size files in your hard drive so that you can delete them if unnecessary to re-gain hard drive space or backup them to another hard drive, Freeware  portable Directory Hog utility is developed specifically for this purpose displays files with largest sizes for selected drive.

Directory Hog

Using Directory Hog

Download the program zip file and extract its contents to a folder and run it. By default this program ignores/doesn’t scans for files less than 10 MB which you can change from its options. Select the drive and click Refresh button, app scans and displays number of files in a folder, its total size and largest file size in that folder.

You can double-click on a row to open that folder in Windows Explorer. But this program doesn’t display which file has largest size which isn’t hard to find either, open that folder and right-click on empty space and select Size for Sort by menu, where file with big size easily shown.

largest file size in a folder in a drive

As you can observe in the first screenshot, 1.9 GB is largest file size for the “Downloads” folder in D drive. By selecting Explorer to sort files by their size shown 1.9 GB ISO file on top check the screenshot above. This way you can find large files in all drives in your Computer.

Directory Hog works on all Windows including Windows 7.

Download Directory Hog