Google decided to turn on encrypted search a.k.a https for logged in users to make their search more secure, what this makes is: when you’re signed into your Google account, you’ll be redirected to, which encrypts queries you type and search results you access i.e only Google knows what you’re searching for.

disable encrypted google search to your Google account

Firefox to Use Google’s HTTPS Search by Default

Staying on Classic Google without being to Redirected to encrypted Google

Over the few weeks, this feature will be enabled for all users which is useful when you perform searches from Cybercafés and Wi-Fi hotspots, there is one downside as well with this change, searches will be more slower as encrypted data travels slower than the unencrypted data and your computer needs to decrypt all the data.

It is obvious for Google to release its new features to Chrome first as its their own browser, hence you better watch out for redirects to https version in their browser first.

Google makes SSL Search default in Chrome

Disabling redirect to encrypted search for your Google account

When you logged in,

Click on ‘Options’ next to your profile icon > select ‘Search Settings’, scroll down until you find “Secure connection” option, uncheck/remove tick mark for Use a Secure HTTPS connection when available, click “Save Preferences” button to save changes to your Google account.

disable Google redirects to encrypted search

From now onwards, whenever you sign into your Google account irrespective of the browser you use, you won’t be redirected to [Via]