We’ve covered much before that Avast 6 released with AutoSandbox feature which protects users by letting run suspiciously identified applications in virtual environment, no changes will be made/saved to Windows or to the registry once Avast Sandbox is closed. AutoSandbox mode doesn’t enabled by default you need to enable it, but it does asks users to open unsafe applications in Avast Sandbox.

Avast AutoSandbox

If you tried to open any app detected as suspicious by Avast, Security recommendation dialog window pops up asks you to open that app in Sandbox, here you can open that program in Sandbox mode or select option to open normally or cancel the opening.

Avast sandbox dialog

Disabling Avast AutoSandbox

If you download apps from trusted sites you can disable Avast AutoSandbox, here is how .

1. Open Avast user interface, click on Additional Protection>AutoSandbox

2. Click Settings on right-side, and uncheck for Enable Sandbox and click “Ok” to save changes.

disable Avast AutoSandbox

We recommend you to leave that setting as it is to default.