Have you typed the text with the caps lock on? don’t want to retype the text again, received a text document from someone in unreadable format? written a message with wrong keyboard lay0out? don’t worry Ochepyatka will help you, this freeware tool sits in the system tray and monitors for clipboard entries and auto detects and corrects typos and allows to convert text between two different keyboard layouts.

Ochepyatka icon

Using Ochepyatka

Download and install the program in your Computer. Select the incorrect text fragment and use the hotkey for the program to correct. For example, if you’ve  typed “ HELlo World” in notepad Ochepyatka corrects it to “Hello World”. Forget about the pronouncing difficulties of this freeware it’s typing helper repairs improperly typed text.


Ochepyatka works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Ochepyatka