If you’re using Inkjet Printer and Scanner to print and scan documents and photos instead of single All-in-One Printer, freeware portable  iCopy turns your scanner and printer combination into powerful photocopier with a single click.


Using iCopy

Better use iCopy installer version if you want to launch iCopy from the scanner button, portable version is preferable only when you use iCopy from the USB Drive. Download and install the program to your Computer, make sure your Scanner and printer are connected before running the program.

iCopy program window detects and shows printer and scanner connected to your Computer. From its’ program window, you can select scanner, printer options, image settings, number of copies, color and paper size. Once you’ve configured iCopy settings, click the copy button.

Click on the scanner button and select iCopy as default app, click the button on scanner again which will automatically launches iCopy.

iCopy features

  • Simple interface
  • Scanning mode selection
  • Run by pressing scanner button
  • Brightness and contrast settings
  • Scanner quality setting
  • Scan to file function
  • Scan Multiple Pages before printing
  • Preview function
  • Enlargement by percentage function

iCopy works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download iCopy