Microsoft offering both desktop Start Menu and Metro Start Screen for Metro UI in Windows 8 users, but still you would rely on traditional Start menu on desktops, forget about metro stuff come back to Windows 7 where anyone would  love to get classic Start Menu of XP style in Windows 7 and classic Shell, Taskbar Classic Start Menu and other tools are there for that purpose.  Start 4 Seven is freeware portable app quite different to above apps allows you to place  XP-style Start button anywhere on desktop and lets you access classic start menu from it.

Classic Windows XP Start Menu for Windows 7

Start 4 Seven

Using Start 4 Seven

Download program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run the CS47 executable. On the first run by default Start button (only) appears on the center of the desktop,  right-click on it and change its position to any one of: Top left,  Top right, Top Bottom and Bottom Left. Top right is better position in my opinion.

Start button on desktop

Once you done it, click the green Start button and access old XP style start menu. This app doesn’t tweak registry, disables win 7 start menu or modifies your system and above all it is portable freeware.

Download Start 4 Seven