We can open programs, files, folders and even websites when connected to internet quickly from run command box by using Win +R shortcut if you use Run command most often, you can add it to the start menu in Windows 7 I haven’t came across replacement for Run command may be not needed till now, but  Brown -Pro Start freeware app seems like a promising replacement to Run command.

Brown-Pro Start, Run command replacement

Using Brown Pro-Start

Run the program after install and enter the name of application/folder/website/document in the search box and click “Go” button that app will be opened.  This app shows recently opened  in the drop-down menu of search box. 

Brown-Pro Start shows your system information such as Operating system and its version as well Drive Information of selected drive that includes Drive name, Free space, Size, File system, drive type, you need select the drive under Drive info from the drop-down menu and click on “Get Info” button.

Brown-Pro Start works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Brown-Pro Start