If you’re Apple Fan boy using Windows 7 PC you love freeware app XWidget which brings Mac OS X Dashboard to Windows 7 with its animated dynamic widgets fetches information from web updates in real-time, XWidget offers Visual Widget editor also.

XWidget enables Mac OS X dashboard in Windows 7

Download and install the program to your Computer and run it.Widget bar appears at the bottom shows installed widgets when selected any widget taskbar will disappear, you can scroll through the widgets, click on any widget/drag-n-drop them to enable on the desktop. You can drag-n-drop to arrange these widgets on desktop. You can close a widget by clicking “close” button or selecting close button from right-click menu of it.

You can click on “Manage Widgets” above Widget bar which brings up and displays currently running and installed widgets in your Computer. You can uncheck or disable them from running.  Similarly you can install more widgets from Gallery. These widgets are mini-programs doesn’t take much time to download and install in your Computer.

Developer says XWidget doesn’t consume  much system resources, runs fast on loading with smooth animation effects and brings perfect experience for the user.

Download XWidget