We’ve covered few Windows 7 logon screen changers in the past like logon screen, Easy Logon Screen Changer, Windows 7 Login Changer, Awesome logon is freeware app lets you change Windows 7 logon screen with a custom background image.

Awesome Logon

Using Awesome Logon

Download and run the program setup file and make sure to select Custom installation and uncheck for FileBuildDog bloatware options during the installation. Awesome logon offers four Preset of images where each preset contains 12 beautiful images.

All in all you’ve 48 images to choose from as a logon screen background image. Select any image and logon screen preview will be shown for that image, once you satisfied with the selected image click Apply button. This app allows to load custom image from your Computer also, click Load Custom Image>Select the image>open and Apply.

This app automatically optimizes and resizes image before applying to the logon screen. To revert to default one, click “System Default” tab and select the default image and further hit click “Apply” button to save the changes. Press Win+ L button to lock your PC to view changed logon screen.

Awesome logon works on Windows Vista and 7.

Download Awesome logon