In Windows 8 there is Aero Auto-Colorization feature which changes Windows aero glass color to match that of wallpaper one, we’ve covered that Aura and AeroBlend apps brings that feature to Windows  7Aero Adjuster is yet another freeware portable app ports that feature to Windows 7.

Aero Adjuster

Using Aero Adjuster

Download and extract contents of program zip file to a folder and run “Aero Adjuster” executable. This tool sits in the system tray and auto-detects wallpaper change (or if you’ve set  the slideshow option for the desktop background) changes Aero color to match that off wallpaper’s one.

You can manually change Aero color by right-clicking on program’s tray icon and choose “Fit Aero Color to Wallpaper color” and you can restore the original aero color from the program’s tray icon also.

Download Aero Adjuster