Windows automatically creates a system restore point whenever a new software is installed, driver changes are made you can create one manually also. By using System Restore feature you can able to take your PC to original position before the software installed or changes occurred. By default Windows doesn’t allows you to view/access files in single restore point or delete individual ones, both are possible with Freeware portable System Restore Explorer.

System Restore Explorer

Using System Explorer

Download and install the program in your Computer and run it. This program displays all restore points created in its program window. You’ll feel at home with this program UI as program window looks similar to that off “Restoring System files and Settings” window.

mount and access files in a specific restore point copy

You can delete specific/desired restore point (all restore points can be deleted under System Protection tab in System Properties with the selection of “Configure” button for the selected drive). You can mount and access files for a selected restore point where you can copy individual files and contents without the need to go for full system restore. You need to unmount the restore point after that.

unmount the system restore point

System Restore Explorer works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download System Restore Explorer