Forget about Windows 7 Explorer, Search and file browsing features meet 7Files a freeware new File browser for windows 7 offers completely new file browsing experience for you, some of the features are Instant search, most used and important files are highlighted automatically for you to locate and open, shows recently opened files easily on typing from the address bar and more. 

7Files user interface

Finds & Shows files opened by day, file type and extension:

On first run it asks you to open last opened folder. 7Files works better and locates recently used/opened files in Windows 7, this program shows files opened by day, week, month and further narrows search by selecting you files by file types and extensions. By default search is enabled for operating system drive  only, you need to enable search for other drives by clicking Enable search button for the selected drive.

Open a picture received by you this week

Want to find the picture saved by you this week to your Computer via email or instant messenger, select Week under Date> Picture for Type>JPG or PNG for Extension select the picture from shown image, easy isn’t it.

locating image received in a week

Open file by name : Type the file name in address bar, program offers list of files with that name, select the file shown and press enter to open that file.

Most opened folders are automatically highlighted, even paused video files are highlighted and you can resume the playback again with a double-click on it. Quickly find file in any large folder easily. You can drag and drop files to other apps from this file browser.

7Files is still in alpha, works on Windows 7 (both 32& 64 bit) .

Download 7Files.