YTWatcher is desktop application for YouTube allows to watch videos from your subscribed channels, YouTube allows to watch them why is the need for this app? by default YouTube subscription page has limit of 100 videos, you bound to loose new videos on top of them.  With YWatcher, you won’t loose subscription videos anymore and plays them in Continuous or back to back manner which YouTube doesn’t offer. This app doesn’t downloads videos instead it fetches information about the video.


Using YTWatcher

Download and Zip program contents to a folder and run YTWatcher executable. Download the updated version, if app prompts. You need to sign-in to YouTube account and authenticate once YTWatcher uses authentication token from YouTube  to access your subscribed videos.

Automatic Login:  This app is secure and doesn’t store your YouTube password, your login information will be encrypted and stored only in YouTube and in your hard disk. After the first successful login, you’ll be automatically signed into this app and YTWatcher plays  unwatched videos.

YTWatcher sign into YouTube

YTWatcher offers automatic seeking which plays video where you stopped while playing and allows to share currently watching video on Twitter and Facebook. This app offers Theatre mode where you can watch videos in full screen view. You can watch both subscribed and favorite videos from your YouTube account. This app allows to view the queue and re-order the videos in queue.

You can switch to another user  and watch subscribed videos from another Google account by clicking “Change user”. Video ads won’t be shown in the app while watching videos , but you can still get banner ads  at the bottom of the video.

YTWatcher works on all Windows Operating Systems.

Download YTWatcher