If you press “Enter” after typing a line in WordPad  in Windows 7,  program skips a line, this is a bug still not fixed by Microsoft. Rather than looking for temporary workaround for double space bug, you can permanently fix it with freeware tool WordPadFix.

WordPad Double space bug

Using WordPadFix

Download and install the program to your Computer, that’s it the bug will be fixed! you don’t need to configure or do anything with the app or with the WordPad either. After the app installation, WordPadFix will be active and the program adds it self  to the startup programs list. 

WordPad in Windows 7 after installing WordPadFix

To uninstall this program you need to run the setup file and select “Remove” button.

You can question do we still need WordPad with Microsoft Office and other free office Software around? at times in systems without office software installed, WordPad can be useful for basic text editing tasks, don’t you agree?.

Download WordPadFix