WinParrot or Windows Parrot freeware portable app  lets you save time by performing repetitive tasks with no added value on Windows. You can start recording, the program generates a file with “wpr” containing all your actions. WinParrot comes integrated with its own antivirus, if the program executable has been modified or infected with virus it informs you on the screen about the same and alerts you to download the latest version.


You can record your repetitive actions using button on the program, you can modify the records or enter new values for the records. While recording your actions, WinParrot’s icon changes from green to red, you can stop the recording at any time with “End” button. Once your recording is finish, you can playback it.

Uses of WinParrot

  • Automate your recurring tasks
  • Load your data into applications (IE, Oracle Apps, SAP..) using data from an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Test the robustness of an app by simulating multiple users.
  • Conduct demonstration or training of an app (by slowing the speed of play)
  • Schedule tasks (schedule the execution of macros)

Recording a Windows Macro with WinParrot (video)

WinParrot works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download WinParrot